I must confess that my 4 year old is lacking in fairytale nourishment and is not at all fairytale savvy. He doesn’t know his Cinderella nor his Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. I guess I am partly responsible as to start off with, I don’t subscribe to handsome princes, beautiful princesses and happily-ever-after. We all know the truth behind happily-ever-after and the last thing I want, is for him to grow up worrying about not being handsome enough and thinking that a beautiful face is all it takes.

My feeble attempt to interest him was of course in vain when coupled with the fact that he seemed to have a mind of his own when it comes to bedtime stories since he was young. There was a time when bedtime stories were solely Mickey Mouse and Friends from the Disney collection and NOTHING else. We eventually ended up with a full collection, all used , thanks to ebay and garage sales in the States.

Apart from airplanes and rockets, he loves Christopher Robin and his bear of very little brain who always seem to have his way of solving problems. He adores Stuart Little, the cross between a mouse and human which sometimes confuses me. He was smitten by Fern more than the spider in Charlotte’s Web whom I think reminds him more of Mummy dearest with her caring way for Wilbur, the farm pig who has problem coming to term with the cruel reality of farm lives.

He wasn’t so interested in Olivia though, the piglet who wears a tutu, which I thought the illustration by Ian was pretty refreshing. We ended up having a good laugh comparing who-comes-first, his heroes, Wilbur and Orville Wright or the 2 pigs.

Last week from the library, we came back with some easy readers, and I made, yet another attempt, ALL were fairytales. The stories were short and like what they were intended for, easy-to-read. So here’s what happened and some of the lessons learned.

– He hid his face under the blanket when the evil witch tried to cook Hansel and Gretel over a pot of boiling water.

– He dislikes stories with villains and has yet learn how to appreciate scary stories.

– He learned that the Cat who wore Boots managed to get his way by telling lies, not once but many times.

– Wolves are intelligent and cunning and they usually do bad things.

– And if you do run into one and get into serious trouble, your dad can probably save you by cutting up the wolf like what Little Riding Hood’s dad did.

I concluded that we haven’t been missing out much all these while.



  1. Angeline says:

    *laugh* I haven’t been telling them about the fairy tales I grew up with… my reason? many are just too exaggerating and so unreal! I don’t want him to have an impression that ‘such stuff’ do come true in reality…

    but just yesterday, yes, yesterday he asked if I know the names of the characters on my sleeping gown, which happened to be the 7 dwarfs…and so it lead to the story…guess what? He LOved it!!! And I had to keep telling the story over and over again to satisfy his craving…*laugh*

  2. Little Munchkins says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment 🙂

    My 4 year old also doesn’t know many fairytales. It is my fault though as he doesn’t really have any fairytale books. Mostly Thomas books and, lately, Solar System.

  3. 4MalMal says:

    hey angeline,
    that’s what happens to my boy for stories he loves, he will want us to read to him OVER and OVER again!

    hi little munchkins,
    thanks for dropping by. Love your sewing, they are truly inspiring.

  4. Hoonie says:

    when i went to Legoland’s Fairy Tale Brook, i realised my boys haven’t heard all the ‘common’ fairy tales we grew up with. Actually come to think of it, the fairy tales are pretty gory and gruesome. I think they are more familiar with Batman, Spiderman. Playhouse Disney has a good selection of educational shows, which affords me the flexiblity of leaving the tv turned on, without screening the shows. Discovery Channel shows are sure hits too! Man vs Wild, Dirty Jobs (their fav), How Do They Do It… i think i’ll rather give the fairytales a miss.

  5. 4MalMal says:

    hi blessed mum,
    thanks for the link! I simply told him that it is not good for the cat to tell lies to get what he wants.

    hey hoonie,
    yeah loves all the documentary channels but they r all in FRENCH here! haiz! he still loves playhouse disney and little einstein but we don’t get to watch them here. The TV is collecting dust!

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