1. Angeline says:

    OMG! girl, you are NOT gonna believe this!
    I have a baby photo that looks almost EXACTLY like your boy’s first baby photo on the left! same expression!

  2. 4MalMal says:

    hey contented mom,
    ya i thought he looks quite different now.

    hi shoppingmum,
    his eyes are like mine! SMALL! I wish he has daddy’s eyes though 😉

    hey angeline,
    photo of u?! or your boys?

    hi lindsey,
    thank u! yea time really flies. I was sorting through those pics and realise how much he has grown

    thank you little munchkins! he is like a carbon copy of me.

    hey hoonie,
    ya but no longer a baby, this few days I suddenly realised how much he has grown, going to be 5 year old soon! hard to believe.

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