Friday Morning

Just came back from a good jog. It is cold but we have CLEAR BLUE SKY today and of course, I have to jog!

I need to breath,

I need to sweat,

I need to feel the cold morning air

planting icy cold kisses over my face.


I need to laugh

I need to sneer

I need to feel sad for busy commuters

working on such a beautiful day.

Sep 308


I need to catch the leaves

I need to hear them rustle

I need to savour every sight

before they are all gone.

Sep 555


I need to be out there

to try something new

and feel alive

for life is more than just another routine.


I need to vent

I need to rant

I need to write

to pour out my thoughts and get them out of my system.


And as I sit here on a Friday morning,

watching one of my favourite video

listening to one of my favourite song

over and over again.


I feel completely emotional

and totally inspired.


Auntie Mon,

Have you sky dived ?!


  1. Hoonie says:

    see… your alone time… enjoying it eh… you’ll love it! the autumn leaves are truly beautiful! pure blood red! *sigh* my fav season is autumn. when the weather starts to cool, leaves turn red and ORANGE! sg weather.. is getting hot hotter hot! humidity kills. arizona is hoter degrees-wise but u still dun perspire as much as u do here. wish i’m there with u now!

  2. 4MalMal says:

    hoonie, I never realised that autumn can be THIS beautiful! REALLY. I just love the colour! never really visit Sedona in autumn when we were in Phoenix! haiz

  3. Monica says:

    Hihi, YES we SKYDIVED! It was awesome!!! I will try to upload the DVD we took to show you!!!

    WE WILL DO IT AGAIN!…and you should try too

    I didn’t the Cannon in D hip hop is still your inspirational, favorite video! I thought they removed from youtube…couldn’t find it for a while. Thanks for putting the link here!

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