Typical Day

Here’s what I do everyday with Mal in school …

7.40 am – I wake up, prepare breakfast

8.00 am – Malcolm and Hubby wake up for breakfast

8.20 am – Hubby /  Me walk Mal to school

8.30 am – Morning jog if weather is good

9.30 am – I have breakfast, morning bath, surf net, read book

11.20 am – Pick Malcolm for Lunch in his scooter.

11.45 am – Cook lunch

12.15 pm – Lunch with Malcolm

1.20 pm – Send Mal to school

1.30 pm – Grocery shopping / French lesson on Tues and Thurs

3.30 pm – Tea break, household chores / French lesson on Tues and Thurs

4.20 pm – pick Mal from school. Again with Mal in his scooter.

4.45 pm – prepare snack for Mal

5.00 pm – Malcolm time, chat, play, cycling

6.00 pm – prepare dinner

6.30 pm – Hubby comes back and play with Mal

6.45 pm – Dinner Time

7.45 pm – Bathtime, Wash up & quiet play time with Mal

8.30 pm – Bedtime stories for Mal

9.00 pm – Me and Hubby time

11.00 pm – zzzz

On Wednesday where there is no school for Mal, we go library in the morning.

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  1. Ann says:

    Ooohh…..can I be YOU!!!

    Hahahaha…..so enriching! Exercise, cooking, good food, time with kid, time with hubby and sufficient sleep!

    I strongly think you should have another child! hahahaha…..

  2. Angeline says:

    so that’s the secret to that radiant face of yours! superbly well-planned (everyday)… and you really DON’T WASTE TIME, when Malcolm is out-of-sight, you go for stuff that makes you that much more ‘amazing’… like the french lesson… Wow!

  3. Blessed mum says:

    a very devoted mom..you make such great effort to be with Malcolm whenever he’s home..

    and with such tight schedule, u can still jog..I too lazy to even go downstairs..

  4. Lydia says:

    Hey gal, you are living the life that I’m dreaming of! Still, I’m thankful for mine and wouldn’t trade it for anything else 😉

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Also, couldn’t help noticing that Mal has his daddy’s dimples! I’m curious to find out what’s ya hubby’s job that required you guys to travel/live abroad 😉

  5. 4MalMal says:

    hey all great mommies,
    thanks for your comments, but don’t turn too green…cos I am really just 1/2 a maid and I don’t get paid 😀

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