Parisien Chestnuts

Oct 205

We had a picnic under this tree the other day

We didn’t realise what tree it was until we saw these…

Oct 247

and thanks to Malcolm’s library session, we learned that these are chestnuts!

and I have never really seen a chestnut with its shell. This is actually the inner shell. There is another outer spiny shell which split open before these were dispersed onto the ground.

and it was only then, a sudden realisation that Chestnuts = Gau Luk (in hokkein)

YES! my favourite nuts used for braised pork (Lou Bak) and my rice dumplings (Bak Zhang) !

the one that I had so much problem finding when we were in the States but now, they were littered everywhere! In the parks, along the streets, all over PARIS!


and how could I not collect some home for cooking ?!


We brought a handful back. Washed them and tossed them into the oven.

I felt so smart and pleased thinking that we could soon get to enjoy our homemade Gau Luk just like those sold at pasar malem stalls back home.

My sense of nostalgia was interrupted by a loud boom from the kitchen.

One of the nuts EXPLODED.

We took a bite of the flaky cooked chestnut and

EWWWWW….EEEEKS ! They tasted terribly BITTER AND SOUR!

We had to wash and gargle our mouths with water for several times and chew a mint to get rid of the after taste.

Till now, it is still a mystery why those chestnuts tasted so horrible and I am just glad we didn’t end up with some kind of food poisoning !

Note : We found out that the nuts need to be pierced through before putting into the over to prevent explosion.

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  1. U.Lee says:

    Ha ha, couldn’t help smiling re your chestnut exploding, ha ha.
    But funny why they taste that way? Maybe Parisien ones different to China ones?

    You have a nice day and keep well, Lee.

  2. Ann says:


    Yeah, maybe they are a different breed or something…

    but it is good to learn ya!

    Bless the child that willl know what the fruit tree looks like and not only the fruit!

  3. kyels says:


    I wonder why does it taste that way too but it’s funny that you were brave enough to pick some home and cook ’em!


  4. Angeline says:

    *clap* for your bravery to try it out yourself

    *laugh* for the fact that it exploded, must have been shocking!

    *Ewww* for the taste… bitter?!!! Yucks!

  5. 4MalMal says:

    hey farmer files,
    hope that gave u a good laugh to start the day 😀

    hey u.lee,
    i was hoping that u could enlighten me on why the nuts tasted so horrible 🙂

    hi ann,
    hmmm, they r definitely diff breed, but from what I read, they should not taste bitter!

    hi contentedmum,
    now we know never to cook chestnut u picked from the ground!

    hi kyels,
    I think that is the power of desperation 🙂

    hey angeline,
    actually one more thing after we tasted the nuts, I searched frantically on the net for chestnut poisoning. haha

    hey kole,
    moral of the story…never judge a NUT by its look! haha

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hehe.. i dunno whether to salute or laff at ur ‘bravery’ or shud i say foolhardy ;p shudnt u’ve wondered y nobody picked up the ‘chestnuts’.
    Those are horse chestnuts and they’re not edible,however farmers do feed them to livestock.The gao lak in spore are chinese chestnuts, belonging to the beech tree family and sweet in taste.(
    Luckily,the ‘chestnuts’ that u picked are not so tasty otherwise u n mal wud have been in for a bad food poisoning 🙂

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