Visit to the Airbus Factory

Autumn Break 418

Since the Airbus A380’s debut in Singapore, Malcolm has been an avid fan of this gigantic luxurious flying machine. He got even more hooked when my father-in-law introduced to him this video end of last year, when we were back in Singapore for a few months. He has since added this to his list of favourite videos and he watched it over and over again. I think he knows the details of the video more than me.

When we found out that the Airbus factory was in France, we knew he will go berserk if we will to bring him there. And sure enough, when we told him that we will be visiting the factory this holiday, he got extremely excited. Almost every night, he would ask whether there is school the next day, whether holiday has started. He simply can’t wait to be there!

So finally the day came and on the 3rd day of our trip, we visited the factory in Toulouse. It was a 1 1/2 hour guided tour, which includes 1/2 hour English presentation showing the visitors how the engineers test and put together the A380. We visited the assembly line and watched the same video, which by now, Malcolm has already grown so familiar with. This video was in fact put together by the Airbus company and if you watched it closely, you will realise that the different parts of this huge plane was actually shipped and transported by convoy, from Spain, Germany and United Kingdom to Toulouse. The parts were so huge and gigantic that they couldn’t use the usual air transportation by Airbus Beluga.

We were the only Asian in the group of about 30, or more specifically Singaporean. More than once, the word ‘Singapore Airline’ was mentioned as Singapore was the FIRST customer for the A380 and we had ordered 20, after the UAE who had ordered 50. In the assembly line, we were thrilled to see a few of the Airbus with the SIA logo.

I felt a sense of pride whenever the word ‘Singapore Airline’ was mentioned which probably stems from the fact that being just a mere dot on the world map, to be known wide and far, the achievement is marked.

Autumn Break 429

Since cameras are not allowed in the factory, we only managed to take a few snap shots at the entrance. Scrutinized the video if you are interested to see how the factory looks like.



  1. andrewjune says:

    i agree with you…SIA is one of the BEST airlines in the world…can;t get wrong with SIA 🙂
    i thk he inspired to be a pilot one day…ummm, he will be one handsome pilot i thk!

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