Riding a Bicycle

My boy has ditched his training wheels

He has mastered his 2 wheeler bicycle!

I am overjoyed

I am elated

I am ecstatic


Strangely, I have never felt such joy when he

learn to write his abc

read his favourite book

or do his counting perfectly


For this,

I felt I have given him a pair of wings

to glide and to soar

to fly and be free

and to overcome the many obstacles that may come his way


For this,

I felt I have shown him

with determination and perseverance

he can achieve his Impossible.

about 3 weeks ago, Mal was still relying on his training wheels, and I am glad I did not sell away the new bike for fear that he might not be able to handle it.



  1. Ann says:

    WOW….good for Malcolm indeed.

    Yes, it is a great feeling isn’t it when they are so elated themself over the acheivements of mobility.

    pehaps coz riding a bike with 2 wheels is really the ‘end’ of it!

    ABC, you will have reading and then maybe writing poetry or cool stories etc.!

    Wow again!

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