Be Kind

Will there be love when there is no hate

Will you know friend when you have never met foe

Can you feel smart if no one is stupid


Can you appreciate sincerity when you have never seen hypocrisy

Will there be right when there is no wrong

Will you see light when you have never been in darkness


Can you define order when there is no chaos

Is there peace when there is no war

Will there be good when there is no evil


Ignorance may be the root of all evil

Yet one knowingly does evil

for free will may have its place in human nature


To err is human

Embrace and not isolate

Appreciate and not despise


For self righteousness, contemptuousness and superiority

is but, built upon others’ imperfection, insufficiency

or mere divergence


Seek within for greater truth

For that is where peace resides


Be gracious

Be kind



  1. Janet says:

    I’ve been following your blog for almost a year … really enjoy reading it. Just wanna say thank you for sharing all the beautiful happenings and lovely pics! ^-^

    Rachel : Hey Janet, thanks for dropping a note. much appreicated 🙂

  2. Angeline says:

    Oh girl, I’m seeing so much deeper side of you… and I like what I see… *smile*

    In everything, there must be a balance, without the right, wrong is never realised….

    Rachel : Hey angeline, thanks! just random thoughts, glad it doesn’t bore u

  3. kole says:

    to add:

    “Can you define order when there is no chaos

    Will there be good when there is no evil”

    These are what I always debate on . I still have no answer.

    Rachel : hey kole, just throwing out thoughts, which I myself have no answer. It is interesting to note though that there r scientists our there who prove that order can be created by introducing disorder. As for good and evil, just defining them prove to be too challenging for me. Sometimes I think i should just stick to baking muffins 🙂

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