Songs like this makes me feel nostalgic

Don’t we all have that special song that makes us reminiscence ?

For us, it is Love Me by Collin Raye.

I stumbled upon this song on someone’s site the other day and it brought back memories.

Memories of our wedding.

Memories of our honeymoon.

Memories before Malcolm came into our lives…











  1. Angeline says:

    hmmm… let me see, when did you get to know me?… oh it was AFTER ‘that’ post whereby I mentioned about this song…

    You know girl, this is Allan and my song, of cos’ its everyone’s else song too, its so nice, who can reject calling it their song…

    but its extra meaningful to me, cos’ Allan do not listen to English songs, yet this was the ONLY song, he went to search for the lyrics and memorized it by heart….*smile*

    Those photos are like postcards!!! Extreme!

    Rachel : Oh my, he’s so sweeet. I guess that’s how he melt your heart 😉

  2. Ophe says:

    Fang, Jason and I consider this our song too leh since shortly after we met, he had to leave… Love it love it! I think this is also the only song that Jason can sing the entire piece haha.

    Rachel : Hey Ophe! that’s the ONLY song mako can sing too! haha

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