To the Mountains

Berner Oberland-220

We are heading to the Swiss Alps again this Friday, not to hike this time but to ski !

We will be staying in the same apartment as in our summer vacation.

We love the view, we love the quilts. Lucky us, for all accommodations were fully booked.

Berner Oberland-133

Malcolm is all excited about the trip as we are planning to sign him up for a 6 day ski course.

The youtube video helps. He is now familiar with how the ski can only be crossed when one is off the ground and pipes that are halved make good slides for skiers.

He has been practicing at home with his Lego skis and anything that can be placed beneath his feet, all decked out in his ski gear. Helmet, gloves, jacket and goggles, then striking a pose and happily chirped

‘Mummy watch! I am skiing !!!’

Berner Oberland-144

I have been waiting for this day since our ski holiday in Aspen, to watch my boy put on the skis. Malcolm was too young for the ski school then and my husband and I had to take turn to look after him while the other skied. I had my first stint at snowboarding then.

I must clarify that I am neither an expert at skiing nor at snowboarding, but it is something I wish to be proficient at and hopefully get comfortable enough to glide down the mountains and enjoy the view which one can only imagine.

So guess what ?! This time, I am going for the 6 day snowboarding course!

I am so excited. I am thrilled. I am apprehensive.

I worried that my muscles will ache so bad that I may have problem getting off the bed the next day.

I am not sure how far my fitness will take me. 6 days sounds like damn freaking long, to pay and to be tortured.

What will they teach in 6 days?! Brake and turn?! Bring me up blue slope?!

I don’t know, I am not sure.

But what the heck! this is what I have been waiting for and to learn it together with my boy, I better do it when I still can! or at least when I THINK I still can.



  1. Tin says:

    Hmm.. sounds exciting 🙂 Here in Singapore, no chance at all.

    Enjoy your snowboarding course and have a good time with the kid.

    Don’t forget to post photos when u are back 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    So envious 🙂 I always wanted to learn how to ski.

    I am sure u will take on the advanced slopes in no time *wink* Here’s wishing you a fabulous time skiing with your family!

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