Wengen Day 5 - 068

We are  back from the Alps and I DID IT !

I survived the 6 days snowboarding course !

I am back in a piece

No broken bones

No major injuries

that is a cause for celebration

HO HO HO !!!


My muscles ache like never before and you thought they would go off after the first few days.


I woke up EVERYDAY with new aches

I discovered muscles I never knew existed before

The body was exhausted but the adrenaline kept it going


To say that I am fearless

I am lying through my teeth!

I wasn’t much encouraged when half the group were less than 1/2 my age !

The youngest being an eleven year old boy !

Maybe having someone to say that I looked 18 did help to delude myself a little

An 18 year old with a 4 year old kid ?

She must have thought that I was a delinquent mum !

or to put it blatantly, I may look just ‘physically under developed’


At 35,

my gut shrunk

my reflexes retarded

and I tend to work out the movements in the head more than through actions

Doing experiments mentally ?!

Learning to snowboard without falling ?!

It sounds almost absurd !


I watched the teenagers shift and gain balance on the boards each time they lose it

Laugh when they fall

Get on their feet and try again

I wish I can be that agile

and I wish that falling can be that fun !

I can keep on wishing

and probably end up sitting on the bunny slope for the rest of my course


Learning to speed down the slopes without fearing myself crashing

I think my 4 year old can teach me that

Learning to break fall without breaking bones

I know my 4 year old can do better at that

Wengen Day 1- 112


So I ended up crashing and falling

My knees bruised

My butt sore

and my tail bone hurts the most


But I was exhilarated

I was ecstatic


doesn’t matter if I braked more than 1/2 the way down!

the fact is



A little bit crazy, a little bit pushing the limit

but I love this feeling of triumph

and I have to hint to my husband

I DESERVE some champagne popping !

for this may be the best way to end my year 2008 !

Wengen Day 7 - 001_mod

So what was the craziest thing you did in year 2008 ?

Will love to hear them !

Dec 583

Here’s a little something from Switzerland for that crazy story.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can still drop me a note if you find this Cailler Swiss Dark Chocolate irresistible.

Here’s wishing you and your family all the wonderful and beautiful things in the brand new year !



  1. Angeline says:

    AAaawww…. you’ve got to send me the dark chocolates!!! ok, one piece, just one piece and I’ll be happy! *laugh*

    Yo! pretty ’18 year old’ mommy SURVIVED!!! Hooray! *clap clap clap*

  2. blessed mum says:

    wow! you had great time doing the snowboarding! i think you look like Mal’s sister than mommy!

    and I love to have one of those dark chocolate!! One is enough to make my New Year complete 😛

    Happy New Year!!

  3. pc says:

    bravo to jolly mama~! love it and i agree that this is indeed the best way to end your year 2008…

    [if i ever hv the guts, i wish to do this craziest thing to end 1 of my year :p….]

    happy new year to you too:).

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