Snowy Icy Winter

Jan 019

Paris, and many parts of Europe, welcomed the new year with freezing cold Arctic weather, temperature plummeting below zero, coating roads and pavements with snow and ice. We were told that Paris hadn’t had this much of snow for a long time. I guess we were ‘lucky’

First day of school for Malcolm began on a good note. He walked to school with falling snow and played throwing snowballs at the playground with his friends.

During lunch, he trotted home with a chunk of snow and insisted on carrying it INTO the house so that he could place it outside our window.

After lunch, he lugged the piece of  snow back to school. He was thrilled that the snow DIDN’T MELT. It’s amazing how a chunk of snow can make him so happy!

I hope this signifies a good start for him in school this term, with him making more friends and speaking more french.

Fingers crossed.

Jan 392



  1. Ann says:

    Ooohhh…looks COLD !!

    It takes so little to keep our kids in amazement and in wonder. Hope they dont loose it too soon!

    Have a happy snowy time!

  2. thefarmerfiles says:

    just catching up with everyone! Happy New Year! Simple things make them so happy! Mine said the other day that the colors of the sky made him so happy!

    Rachel : awwww, ain’t they sweet 🙂

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