A Battle Fought (Jogging and I)

I have never been the athletic sort

though many may have the impression so

perhaps due to my somewhat defined calves

which I inherited from my maternal ancestry


To some they are real assets

but I have yet learned to appreciate


Perhaps it was due to my weaker physique

I was never like my 2 little sis

who bagged home medals every year

almost effortlessly I would say


It was not hard for me to conclude

that the ability to excel in sports

is somewhat like my deceiving calves

inherited and genetically so


Somewhere during my working life

I found jogging

and jogging found me

it has since became a roller coaster ride

a love hate relationship that comes a long way


The motivation to jog started off as a vanity sort

flatter tummy, slimmer thighs and toner butt

was soon superceded by the energy boost that came with it

which inevitably made me  came back for more


During the onset of my 2nd trimester

I was diagnosed what once known as the rich man’s illness

somewhat unusual for someone as petite as me

almost all the preggies in my diet class

was doubled of me when it came to size

again it was  like my deceiving calves

inherited and genetically so


Frequent little meals, 6 times a day ?

sounds impossible for a hungry cow

I need frequent meals 6 times a day

not little but BIG

how else can I eat and keep those numbers down

but to turn to jogging once again


Soon later I became a mum

I realized I needed my stamina even more

to cook, to clean and to wash

and to catch up with my little bunny’s bounce


The easiest, cheapest and quickest way

was 1/2 an hour 3 times a week

and jogging helped to cure my woes


Now that my bunny had grown up

In case you may think

after all these years

I must have turned pro

the fact is that

I am never close


Should I ?

Could I ?

Would I ?

There are 1001 reasons to say NO

but just 1 reason to say GO

and nullify the 1001 that came before

bring me to the land of exuberant goodness

that is free for all


A battle fought

A battle won

Till the next battle we’ll meet once more


Note :  Inspired by CNN Hero – Ann Mahlum’s Back On My Feet



  1. Hoonie says:

    so does that mean u’re gonna be jogging 3x a week from now on? hehehe.. i’ve yet to make any commitments to exercise. Though i enjoyed the late nite aerobics last fri… heh.. not what you might be thinking… danced the nite away! I LOVE TRANCE! and i still can dance after like.. 7, 8 yrs? hahaha.. wooohooooo

    Rachel : I miss the aerobic classes !

  2. Kyels says:

    Are you going to jog daily? I’ve made commitments to exercising but usually it doesn’t work b/c there are certain issues that will just ruin the sked. Hehe.


    Rachel :yeah, it’s always easy to say NO 😉

  3. Angeline says:

    hhmmmm… I can’t imagine you ‘NEEDING’ to jog… you LOOKED more like, ‘I don’t need exercise for the next 1000 years’!!!

    You look great!!!!

    Rachel : Hey Angeline, that’s so sweet of u. I need the energy boost!

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