Chinese New Year, duh ?!


And of course, Paris is bathing in a sea of RED, not because anyone bothers about Chinese New Year but because everyone is frenzied over the annual winter sales!

But the fact is, CNY is less than a week away. I could feel the festivity each time I call home.

Mum is busy making kueh kueh,  sis is giving the new old house a new coat of paint, dad is stocking up on new year goodies., the buzz in Chinatown, the over night market…I MISS HOME already !

So as if to get into the groove of things, I decided to spring clean our house.

I scrubbed, I washed, I mopped, going down on all fours. Yes, some part of me still lives in the 70s.

I did the laundry, folded the clothes, hung up new laundry.

Mal helped to fold his clothes, arranged them in his drawers and insisted on doing it HIS WAY.

He was anxious to show me his ‘easier’ way of folding clothes and of course I let him.

Next, he went around wiping tables, chairs and all the visible tops and corners with this little blue cloth.

He climbed onto the table, jumped onto chairs. Ran in the bathroom and out with his watering can for rinsing his own cloth and then happily exclaimed

‘Look Mummy, see how well I can clean!’ He was having so much fun. He absolutely LOVES IT!

By the time my husband reached home, I was totally exhausted. The house was squeaky clean except maybe for Mal’s drawers.

I think we’ve just found the momentum to kick start the Chinese New Year celebration.


  1. pc says:

    ^^ i think it is good that we still live in 70s and carry on the 70s to next generation… looking at the scarce atmosphere we have now about CNY…

    anyway wish you a peace & happy Oxxie year.

  2. Ann says:

    Cold Christmas and hot CNY…that is usualyl the corresponding weather we think about with regard to the festivities.

    But looks like it will be a cold CNY for you too!

    Have fun anyways!

  3. Angeline says:

    Oh my… you do have your ways of lessening that homesick feeling… eh…

    I can imagine the little one moving everywhere, feeling and enjoying the sweetest of accomplishing one task after another…

  4. Kyels says:

    He sounded so cute! Well, this post reminded me that I should be spring cleaning my room before going home!


    Happy Chinese New Year to you and family!

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