Chinese New Year Specialties

It was my first attempt
I fretted over it for nights
but I knew I NEEDED it
as if to help ward off the bad luck and ill fortune
predicted for the Oxen this year

How superstitious can one gets
I know
I laugh too

It all turned out well
though not all was complete
fell short of shrimp crackers
which was really not that critical

I bet you can’t taste a diff
if you go generous with the vital
ground peanuts and toasted sesame seeds
are the trick to it

there we had it
our friends adore it
even though it was served
on aluminum wrapped cardboard on styrofoam dish

as if that was not enough
I needed my festive drink
to go with something as auspicious as this

so there I go again
presenting my favourite 8 Treasure Tea


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