Clutching on to a piece of cardboard
he jumped onto my lap and said
“Mummy help me cut here and here”

Next, he passed me 2 straws and added
“Help me cut here and here”

Then with the scotch tape, he instructed,
“Stick the cardboard behind here and the 2 straws under here”
indicating his back and arms

And with that, he crashed himself onto the floor and exclaimed
“Look Mummy, I am a PLANE!”
“This is my TAIL FIN and these are my ENGINES!”



  1. Angeline says:

    how come this post looks like deja vu to me?!!!
    the words too… now, your title says Imagination… am I imagining things? I’m having goose bumps all over now by the way…..

    Rachel : hey Angeline, u r rite! I posted this before but somehow the post was deleted and I lost all the comments…and I am posting here again. Just one of those little things that I wish to remember by.
    u r fine, it’s not the 7th month! haha

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