Moi Jaime Skier (Me I Love Skiing)

We are planning for our ski trip next week and while my 4 year old is all excited  and anxious about his intermediate lesson, I am frantically searching for something that will help cushion my butt when I fall!

Anything such as a tailbone protector?!

And of course he HAS to have a say on the song to use for HIS video when he saw me working on it.



  1. Angeline says:

    Go Malcom Go!!!
    I could imagine myself right there cheering for him!
    so exciting!!!
    Rachel, you’ve got to go tell him (now) how fortunate a little guy he is!!!

    Rachel : Hey angeline, thanks for reminding 🙂

  2. kole says:

    tailbone protector? oh yes there is! but you need to book one years in advance! it is coupled with good fatty genes, unhealthy diet and sedated lifestyle.
    I have one for the longest time. its also known as the naturally-fat-enormous-butt.

    Looking at you right down, just keep on dreaming of a natural one ok. It will be decades before you get one, provided if you ever get there.

    Rachel : hey kole that’s a funny one 🙂 at least some good comes out of it!

  3. kole says:

    Mal is a natural athlete.
    He is Good!!!!

    You must be so proud!
    I know I will 🙂

    Rachel : Thanks kole. I guess proud becos he fares better than me!

  4. Monica says:

    Wow…I bet you all had loads of fun with snow, ski and board! I bet this will not be the last too…we still want more ourselves too!

    Mal looks and performed great! But too bad, only saw Shin on foot and none of you…watzzzupp?

    Rachel : Mummy the cameraman as usual!

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