An ingenious creation
born in a Harvard dorm
promised many wannabes
whom are as brainy as him
made possible by worldwide zealous fans
just like you and me

Like many
I was drawn
yet like many that came before
I lament and nick pick on its flaw

A basket of friends
whom I poke and buy drinks for
send a flower and write on walls
even rear a dream pet
I never had before

All these at my desk
All at my fingertips

a frivolous way to connect
the lamest way to care
egos fed
in an inane way

Then came this
a wake up call

To redeem myself
from this inanity
this superficiality
this vacuity meaninglessness

I renounced



  1. kole says:

    thanks for sharing and reaffirmation.
    I refused to join FB for a long time but had to due to work related ‘research’.
    I agree it is a powerful social networking tool but the power is too immense and can spin out of control fast and soon if not handled well. It can take over one’s life.
    Oh, and here comes twitter to expedite that!

    I do not reject technology but we need to harness their potential and use it to our advantage and not let them take over us.

    am i archaic? i hope not.

    Rachel : maybe like many things in life
    there is a pressure to conform?
    herd instinct?
    archaic? maybe some may think so
    to each his own
    it’s hard enough just trying to live by our own rules
    so …
    and I think ya, safer to don touch if one can’t control!
    so let’s embrace technology and make it WORK FOR US! haha
    thanks for sharing 😉

  2. Angeline says:

    that’s what would happen when one allows the fantasies of such technologies get into the way of logical thinking.

    if one’s mind is strong, nothing can alter the thoughts, needless to say the actions….

    Rachel : hey yeah! MIND over everything! coming from a strong woman! way to go! thanks 😀

  3. Kyels says:

    Social networking sites are growing – every single day. I won’t blame the creators but instead it’s the users themselves whom have to be blamed b/c knowing that the cyberspace is prone to many vicious attacks – personal or non; everyone should be careful. Of course it’s disheartening to read such news but I’ve always believed in maintaining a level of privacy when it comes to joining such sites. It’s not wrong to have a profile but always make sure that no one can use your profile against you or post any false misconceptions about a person. Logical thinking comes into play too; not just the advancement of technology and how we should move along with it.


    Rachel : Kyels, thanks for sharing. Appreciated 😉

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