French Alps at Flaine

For 6 days, we skied and snowboarded
We woke up each morning at 6 plus to catch the first glimpse of sunshine creeping his
way up from behind the Alps
Engulfing the morning moon while spreading his rays and warming the snowy slopes.

Our apartment, perched at the edge of a hill, overlooking a pine forest, was a little cozy nest, for us to rest our tired body after a day of downhill charge. Simple home cooked food was our best treats at the end of the day and to refuel ourselves for another day of daring thrill.

The French Alps at Flaine was an awe inspiring view.
And to think that I had seen the best during our last ski trip in Wengen.
I was wrong.


  1. Rachel says:

    Beautiful pics of the wonders of nature! How was the skiing this time round? Mal must be an expert skier by now, since he is able to take on the intermediate slopes .

    Rachel : thanks! he is not an expert but he did enjoy more than me 🙂

  2. Leonny says:

    Wow … NICE scenery! Amazing pics!!

    Must’ve been a really really refreshing trip for you guys!

    Rachel : hey leonny, u bet! that I lost touch with the real world! ha

  3. kole says:

    soooooooo poetic…
    soooooooo serene…

    lucky you!

    thanks for sharing

    Rachel : hey kole! thanks for encouragement! and I wish I could really write a poetry but haiz! I am too much of an amateur, both in writing and in snowboarding or skiing, to really bring out the essence of this sport and the alps

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