Up the Mountain

Day 1
we were told that Malcolm could try out the Cristal class
an intermediate class meant for kids 6 years old and above

After the first lesson
they told us that Malcolm is a bit too young
They will let him join the younger group instead

He was a bit disappointed as he thought the Day 1 class was really fun
He liked the instructor and she taught him things that he never learned

Day 2
he joined a new class
and went up a green slope using a T-bar lift which I never learned how to do

While up the mountain
My husband noticed a kid waving frantically at him
signaling anxiously
‘LOOK Daddy! I AM HERE!’

My husband was in shock and disbelief
Our boy was not with the beginner group
It was not a green nor a blue
It was a RED run
and it was only Day 3!

And why did I ever think that he would need mummy dearest to protect him
I should be glad that he doesn’t bark at me to keep up with him!



  1. Ann says:

    Kids pick up things so fast! Ummm…some things better left undone…

    Reckon we can nevr alwasy keep up with our kids!

    Rachel : yes, i learned that …. again

  2. Kyels says:

    Mal is amazing. I’m sure he’s good at skiing!


    I guess kids have the tendency to pick up things faster than us. It makes me look ancient … JOKE! Hehe.

    Rachel : hey kyels, he is not that good, just better than his mama! and yes, we can’t beat them…in many things

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