I Can Bring You To The Moon

He called these his latest invention

Air and space craft engines
that can bring Mama to the moon
to space, to Pluto, to Orion and even underwater

They can travel faster than the speed of sound
and even faster than the speed of light
To be exact
they can travel 3 X the speed of light
and if speed of light is 2 X the speed of sound
that will make these engines travel at 6 X the speed of sound

These engines can be fueled by ANYTHING
Metal, plastic, paper, water, air, solar, concrete, peanut butter and jam

First you stuff these rubbish into the fuel tank
then you grind it
then you turn on the engine
set to full power
a liquid call ‘EZABENE’ will be pumped
to turn the rubbish into gas
that will not pollute the air

and OFF WE GO !



  1. Hoonie says:

    whoa he is imaginative and very eco-friendly as well! He come out with an engine that can take all kinds of rubbish, he can patent it, for cars… not just rockets, and my dear mama… u can retire lavishly.. 🙂

    Rachel : still long way to go and your imagination also very good!

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