24 hours

I have less than 24 hours before the gang arrive.

My mum, my sis, my brother and my brother in law are visiting.

I need to ..
change the sheets
vacuum the floor
wash the bathroom
scrub the tub
mop the floor
stock up the fridge
and find space in my closet to fit 8 baggages !

I never knew there were so much junk lying around in the house !

It’s hell lot of work
but I am happy
and I am so so so excited

will see how we can fit the foursome into our little nest !



  1. Ann says:

    mess? what mess? your place looks as neat as new! It’s always nice when family from afar visits! Maybe you will eb out so often, they wouldn’t even see any mess, if there is any in the first place!

    Have a good family bonding session!

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