It has been quite a break
The gang finally packed their bags and head back to tropical home on Labour Day.
phew !
the nest is transformed back to its original form
All sheets, Changed
Floor, Mopped
Toilet, Scrubbed
Floor mats, Washed

The girl who used to worry her mum sick cos she believed that she would probably rot in her own sty if left on her own.

The mum was probably right, however things changed a little since the marriage, since the child bearing. There emerged a part of the girl that has gone anal about household chores even though she still hates them.

However deep down inside, it is still the same old girl, the lazy girl who is ready to relinquish her roles
to cook, when there were people who would take over the kitchen
to shoot, when there were more enthusiastic photographers around
to write, cos all she really wants is to roll in the warm mud and sleep in her sty, relishing each day, unbothered about recounting the stories.

and she thinks that a break is REALLY good
(yes, you’ve heard it right, even a stay at home mum needs a break)
when it breaks ALL momentum

Or maybe not ?!



  1. Val says:

    Gosh, the weather is so hot now, hope u get used to it soon. Same here, I don’t like housework!

    Rachel : Hey Val, we have yet to go back Singapore but I do look forward to the hot weather 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    Hehhehee – i wonder if all mothers think the same of their little gals – my mum used to think that too – pre-marriage & pre-baby of cos – now i’m the anal one – but boy do i love going home & doing nothing 😉

    Rachel : I think they pamper us too much 🙂

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