A Morale Booster Is

Playing Chess on the Computer

Human vs Human
You vs Yourself
Cos whether Black or White wins

And it is a good break from losing
and hearing the endless rant on
Why It Is Okay To LOSE

Malcolm has been a sore loser when it comes to playing chess and we have been trying to teach him to accept defeat graciously for the longest time.

For a while, he did not touch the chess board, for he was too afraid to lose.
Last night, he had a game with Dad.
After a few good moves coupled with Dad’s complacency and carelessness, he managed to defeat the Queen and Knight early in the game

But he soon lost his will to defend when his own Queen got defeated and when Dad gained a new Queen.

Malcolm lost BUT for the first time we heard him said
‘It is ok to lose’
We knew it wasn’t easy for him
and we could see him held back his tears

Then he told us quietly but firmly,
He wanted a game on the computer

We let him even though it was nearing bedtime
and we watched him played on

Him Vs Himself



  1. Angeline says:

    hmmm… I NEVER knew you can play against yourself!
    that’s the Singaporean spirit in him isn’t it? Kiasu… *giggle*

    Rachel : oh no! I hope not!

  2. raihana says:

    My kids are the same as well especially my 9 years old girl. I told her that she had to accept defeat and move on and try her best … doesn’t means that she wins she will be on the top of the world they are always obstacles on the way …

    Rachel : hey Raihana thanks for sharing. It’s always good to hear about how other parents handle the same problem

  3. Hijackqueen says:

    My 7y/o son is a sore looser too. We have to constantly coax him and gave him moral support. Sometimes I would yell across the room, “Winner doesn’t get any prize! It’s just a game!”

    Rachel : hey jessie, that’s a good one! 😀

  4. kole says:

    our kids should form a
    ‘must win, cannot lose’
    support group.
    R will throw bad tantrums when she lost or when she is wrong.
    no one wants to play snake n ladders with her till today.

    Rachel : hey kole, I wonder what will happen if they get together?!

  5. Irenemoo says:

    Grandma, to get the girls to finish meals faster, would pit them against each other, touting each to be the “Winner”…i’m worried as you can’t be the “Winner” in every instances in life

  6. Monica says:

    Wow! I’m amazed that he can play chess…I only have a rough idea…and considering I’m #$@% past 30!!!

    Good job!

    Rachel : hey mon, I m just as *&#@ up!

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