One in a Million

I went for my first ultrasound the other day

The first question that popped from my mouth was
‘Any heartbeat ?!’

I learned the lesson
perhaps too well

A lesson that has reminded me the fragililty of lives
A lesson that has taught me the wonder of the human body, to create and to end lives
A lesson that has proved that there is a mysterious force that is capable of rendering any human being powerless
A lesson that has showed me the amount of emotional pain the human soul is capable of surmounting
and the realness of fate and destiny

I realised that thousands of women have walked that path
and millions of foetus have striked this pose

Heart Rate : 162 beats per minute


  1. Blessed Mum says:

    Congrats!!how many months pregnant ar you?

    So seems like sucking his/her thumb. 🙂

    Rachel : hey Blessed Mum, it takes a trained eye to see that 🙂

  2. kole says:

    “millions of foetus have striked this pose”

    I melt, get goosebumps and go
    every single time I see one of this ultrascan. regardless of whose beautiful creation he/she is.

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