Pregnancy Hormones – Out of Control

And I have never really understood what pregnancy hormones is capable of doing unitil now.

When I had Malcolm, other than the occasional leg cramps, everything else was great. I swam daily, I ate normally, my skin glowed with a natural radiance, I even jogged for the first few months.

I actually felt more feminine even after gaining all those kilos. Basically, I felt good about myself.

I loved to dress up and I bother to put on make up. That was definitely not my pre-pregnancy self as I am hopeless at painting face and I am more often seen with jeans and t-shirt or shorts and flip flops, hardly dresses. I wished that I could fit into those girlish dresses and I told myself I would get them after I gave birth. But guess what, those dresses never made it to my wardrobe. I lost my feminine self, my desire to be vain after I stopped being pregnant.

This time round, things were a little different. Dressing up seem to be the last thing on my mind. I was grumpy, hungry, moody and I felt that I had totally lost control of myself, of my body.

My skin, my hair, my mood. NOTHING fell under my control. My hair was a constant frizz and my skin was a total mess. I could be at the top of the world one moment and then moody and weepy the next. I wasn’t even in control of what I wanted to eat.

Whatever food that came to my mind would either lead to an insane craving or a pugnacious repulsion, nothing in between. I thought of fruits, I craved for them. I thought of vege, I had to have them, right away. I ended up with a trolley of melons, strawberries, oranges and kiwi and lots of leafy greens from Carrefour. I ate them, not in my usual portion but in HUGE amount. I could down a melon within minutes and gobble up a big plate of greens with plain white rice all by myself. The baby was turning me into a vegetarian! I swear that wasn’t me.

Whoever came up with the theory that whatever your child doesn’t eat now is a consequence of what you did not eat when you were pregnant, must be so wrong. My new theory is, it is NOT YOU who control your child’s future appetite, it is YOUR CHILD who is controlling yours, even before they were born !

Because I was constantly hungry, loading myself with carbo seem to be the best way to satisfy my hunger. And when my husband tried to stop me, I had to snap back ‘It’s NOT ME! It’s the baby!’. I later told him, that WASN”T me either

It was totally insane, completely bizarre and I felt utterly crappy.

That was my first trimester.

I am now into my 2nd trimester. My mood is less volatile, my skin is improving and so is my hair. I still have a voracious appetite but I am feeling better these days and I certainly hope that it will remain this way.



  1. Tin says:

    Me too felt that it’s a “she” inside. When I expected Xuan, I felt terrible too (had nausea, and all things bad)… when I expected Kai, it was the total opposite!!! 🙂

    Hee… let’s see!

  2. mamabliss says:

    sorry haven’t been visiting your blog often enough…just realized that you are expecting your second baby – congrats!!!

    it’s not easy having a baby and your second baby sounds like when i was expecting tim… i felt like dying everyday… and i ate like i could swallow one whole cow everyday hahaha… so i know what you mean when you ate ferociously!!!

    hang in there dear… you are already half way there… *HUGZ*

  3. Evelyn says:

    Hey! Congrats! I wore knee boots during my pregnancy too 🙂

    Rachel : hey evelyn, u wore them in spore?? gotto wear them when I still can and still has the chance 🙂

  4. Janet says:

    Hi Rachel, is a happy problem.. and I hope u do feel better now! ^-^

    I lost my baby’s heartbeat a year ago too … and I am trying hard again now… *fingers crossed*

    Take great care and be happy always!

    Rachel : hi Janet, thanks for sharing and I m sorry to hear about what you went through. All the best and thank you

  5. Wan says:

    6 guesses for a girl…though i was lucky to have decent pregnancy experiences, i definitely had more symptoms while carrying Sophie…a bit similiar to yours. Congrats again and take good care of yourself.

  6. MoDLin says:

    OK, I’m not supposed to bet on stuff like this. Nothing scientific about this, no predictive value… But what you’ve gone through sounds exactly like what I felt when I was pregnant with my daughter, not my son. So, I’m #7 for a girl. The rollercoaster ride should slow down now, so enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

  7. Evelyn says:

    Hi Rachel, yes I wore them here!

    I’ve been in boots since my teens, got married in them too. When I was preggers the knee-high craze hit me (no food cravings btw). Towards my third trimester I got slightly more sensible and switched to ankle-high Doc Marts. 😛

    Looking forward to your updates — guess you’ll be blogging from SG real soon!

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