The Search

I have been so busy lately that it isn’t funny and I joked to my friends the other day that I almost forgotten that I AM PREGNANT!

It has been more then 2 weeks since our return and I am glad that the 2 most crucial items in my checklist have been checked. I have just collected my keys to my new place this week and there are now more than 60 boxes sitting around the house waiting to be unpacked! I am so glad that I managed to find a car which literally gives me ‘legs’ to run errands more efficiently. I guess being pregnant and lugging a 5 year old give me reason for being so pampered.

Looking for a used car is by far the most challenging experience. I love to drive but I must admit that I am no way an expert when it comes to test driving a car.

I can’t tell the difference between a normal brake and a worn one.
I can’t tell the difference between a gear box that is working well and one that is near its life.

I never realised that one can make an old tyre looked new merely by polishing it but now I know better than to judge a tyre by its shiny look.
I learned that clocking 20,000km in mileage per year is an average but NOT a norm that I should accept.
I learned that when a car ‘drift’ when the steering wheel is released, it is more than just an uneven road like what the car salesman claims. TRUST YOUR FEEL !

And the first thing to check when you open the car bonnet is not how FLAWLESS the engine looks, because ALL car dealers have an incredible way to make the oldest engine look new. ALWAYS look out for the bright sticker on the front metal piece !

There was one day when I rushed from east to the west side of the island during peak hours for what I thought was the best deal in town, just to be shown a car with a missing sticker! Reason, the car might have been in a bad accident and the engine has been totally changed.

It is a pity that the used car industry in Singapore does not have a system like the Kelley Blue Book in the US where all used car are being valuated and important background information that may unearth hidden problems in a vehicle that may affect its safety and resale value can be found. We are very much left with our own experience and trustworthiness of the salesman’s words when it comes to buying a used car.

Believe me, I have nothing against car salesmen, but dealing with them just makes me feel like a daggling piece of meat, in front a pack of hyenas. I felt so vulnerable and I hate this feeling.

I hate it even more when I was given the ‘ARE YOU SURE ?’ look whenever I ask to test drive a car. Maybe a woman, a pregnant one, lugging a 5 year old has a big label on her head that says ‘ACCIDENT PRONE’.

I am so glad that the car search ordeal is finally over and I can now concentrate on unpacking boxes and searching for new furnitures for our new place.



  1. JUne (junette) says:

    Where is ur new plc? Looks very spacious… as for buying a used car, i will usually ask the agent to send it to check by a mechanic selected by me. Or send to STA i think… they will give u an inspection report..

    Rachel : hey june, staying nearer to my mum this time.

  2. sunflower says:

    Happy to hear you finally gotten a roof over your head.

    As for car… woot, you know so much about them! Who’s saying you know NUT!

    Hey.. wad is the gender of your baby? *Curious, Kpo, Kpo, Curious*

    Take care

    Rachel : hey sunflower, yet to know gender of baby

  3. Babynme says:

    It’s so funny reading how you went about buying a car. Yupe. Buying a second hand car is always a hassle, even to man like us. So, I will normally drag my mechanic along just to make sure.

    Rachel : hey babynme, thanks for dropping by. having your own mechanic sure helps!

  4. Sandra says:

    Nice to hear that u got a place now – sorry to hear about the bad experiences buying cars – i never had a car in SG so don’t know anything about buying one there – now i know.

  5. kole says:

    don’t forget to slow down ok…
    seems like you have your hands really full of to do stuff.
    take care of yourself and the little ones 🙂

    Rachel : hey thanks kole. Will try to slow down 🙂

  6. thefarmerfiles says:

    are you going to tell us more about the last pic, ritual with grandma? Also, cars in the states right now are selling KBB because of the econ. It does give a decent baseline, though!

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