2nd Trimester

At 23 weeks, I weigh at 54.5 kg, a 7.5 kg gain from my pre-pregnancy weight.

My thigh, my butt, my arms look swollen, not sure with water or fat but I do secretly hope that it is the former, though it is more likely the latter.

I screamed and was in total distress when I discovered dimpled skin around my butt and thigh area. Arrrggghhh….NO! NOT dimpled cheeks! NOT ON THIS CHEEK! Ewwww …. CELLULITE ! every woman’s worst nightmare has FINALLY found its way to my aging body. I blamed it on my love for starchy food and inconsistent exercise regime when I was in Paris.

I have stopped craving for specific food though I still have a voracious appetite, which is really my pre-pregnancy self. Other than feeling fat and the occassional leg cramp in the middle of the night, I sometimes forget that I am pregnant until someone offer me their seats or warn me about my bulging tummy.

I can walk faster than most Singaporeans, something which I have unconsciously picked up from the Parians. Parisians don’t walk, they brisk walk. I realised that an aging senior Parisian can probably walk faster than an average Singaporean.

I am back to my 1 km swim and I am hoping to do more cycling now that Malcolm has mastered the 2 wheeler bicycle. I am very happy to be back to a more active lifestyle, something which seem to come naturally with the sun, the sea and the heat. I am born for the tropic not the temperate.

I am loving my maternity jeans and I am grasping every oppotunity I have now to enjoy myself before the baby pops.



  1. nic says:

    your arms look toned, your legs look slim, your butt so pout, your face so young…you look better than many non-pregnant women!!

    Rachel : hey Nic, I am blushing! thanks for the booster! heheh

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