1. pc says:

    where is this place? is that asam laksa on the table in 2nd last pic? im drooling…:D

    Rachel : hey pc, this is the hawker center at East Coast park. It is laksa with raw clams! sinfully good 🙂

  2. kole says:

    love the second pic.

    food photos.. not good for my eyes and tummy….

    Rachel : hey thanks kole, my husband loves that shot too. btw he is the more pro photographer, I m the amateur one

  3. Helen in Paris says:

    Greetings from Paris!

    How lovely to see Malcolm again, enjoying some of my favourite things as well: especially the feasting.

    Rachel : Hey Helen! So happy to hear from u! when r u coming by ? do let us know

  4. Leonny says:

    For some reasons I especially love that Cycling shot ! I guess it’s because of the hair and how he looks so sweet and calm there? 🙂

    Rachel : hey Leonny, he was actually hot and tired, and we were having a break, enjoying the sea breeze. I was lucky that he flashed me that smile.

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