Birthday Craft

During our stay in the States 2 years back, I collected a whole carton of crafty supplies. There were stuffs for scrapbooking, card making, glitters, acrylic paint of varied colours, cute punchers, stampers, ribbon of all sorts. I HAVE EVERYTHING! Well…almost.

I told my husband that he should NOT view my collection as junk but instead, as a sign that I do have a wee bit of feminity or girlishness in me – my weakness for little, lovely, cutie, girlish stuff.

I enjoy whipping out cards and working on craft project that will let my limited coagulated creativity juice flows. I am not the artistic sort and I admire those who have a flare for arts with bountiful creative ideas.

Last week, we decided to dig out our priced collection and that was how we got started with our little project, Making Something for Dad’s Birthday.

For consecutive days, apart from school, the project kept us busy. We couldn’t rush for it takes time for the glue, the paint and the plaster to dry. Some of the paint did harderned and some of the punchers weren’t working anymore, after being in storage for so long. However, we had more than
enough stuff to whip out something simple.

I am so proud I did not spend a single cent. EVERYTHING we used was from my carton of collection.

Part of the fun for this project was finding a hiding place to stash our unfinished work before my husband gets home each day. I was totally impressed by my 5 year old’s ability to hold his excitment, seal his mouth and not breath a word to his dad while we work on the craft.

It was a few days before my husband’s birthday when we finished. Malcolm could hold it no more. He insisted on giving the present. And I let him. He had the present bundled up with some tissue paper and placed his work at the foot of our bed while my husband was still sleeping.

Dad was pleasantly surprised when he woke up. But he had his birthday card and gift, 2 days BEFORE the actual day.


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