Paper Planes

One of those practical toys we introduced
Convenient and easy
He loves them

We have books on How to Fold a Paper Plane
We fold, he sees and he follows
but he never remember how to fold one himself
we ended up folding planes for him everytime he wants to fly one

Coincidentally, the school happens to be teaching about planes
they teach how to fold a paper plane
It’s like the most fun thing to do
How can he not love school

Within a week
he came back annoncing smugly
‘I can fold my own paper plane’
and he says that to anyone who shows the littlest interest in what he can do
He is proud of his achievement

We ended with a basket full of them
polka dots, stripes, floral, funky prints

He is more than happy to fold one for you anytime

What we have been doing together for months
took him less than a week to learn in school
I am impressed
Perhaps that is the power of peer learning
Perhaps it is the teacher
someone new to impress other than mum and dad

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