Crafty Toy

Because it is his obsession as of late

Because after 3 hours of school each day we still have lots of time to spare

Because going Green can be fun

Because there IS really life after being a milk bottle and juice carton

Because the 3R concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recyle) can be addictive

Because he really doesn’t need another toy to fill up his play room

Because it has been proven that play things that run on alkaline cells never hold his interest for long

Because when you do the math, [price] / [interest span] it doesn’t make economical sense to fall for the merchant’s lure

Because they don’t need fanciful toys to make play time fun

Because it is not always about the product but the process

Because we were bored

Because there is nothing that THRILLS me more than to see him jump with joy with each new creation

Because there is reason why a Stay at Home Mum will NEVER grow senile

We built

bridges, ramps and skyscrapers

Optimus Prime in Autobots City

and it is still growing …



  1. nic says:

    Because you really do write SO well, you have become my fav mummy blogger 😉

    Rachel : hey thanks nic, I am really flattered and my head is getting BIG! haha 😉

  2. Tin says:

    My hats off you, you can think of sooo many because’s!! I agree u write really well! The baby is coming out to enjoy the many creative creations REAL SOON!!!

    Rachel : thank you Tin. Now u know how long winded I can be 🙂

  3. Val says:

    Tks! Your photo reminded me of the crafts my kids made, such as aeroplanes and robots, with milk cartons and other paper boxes. I took pix of their creations too!

    Rachel : hey Val, thanks for dropping a note.

  4. Leonny says:

    Awww .. awesome stuff you guys make!!! Really nice to see how you guys use so much of recycled stuff!

    Inspires me to make such crafts with Vai ! 🙂


  5. Hoonie says:

    brilliant! yes! i totally agree with u! toys that are self-made are more precious to them then store bought toys. i regret my past indulgence at the stores too much!

    Rachel : and I m kind of hooked on recycling stuff!

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