Inspiration from the Alps – Poles Apart


It is not a rich man’s life with abundant wealth that I strive

Neither is it a poor man’s hunger for a lavish life that I crave

Nor a poor man’s ignorance that bound him to a simple life that I envy

It is the wisdom behind a rich man’s choice of a poor man’s life that I seek




and this wraps up Inspiration from the Alps



  1. Geotacs says:

    wise words you have shared!

    you take great pictures!

    thanks for sharing!


    Rachel : thanks for dropping by Geotacs and thanks for your compliment. I am just an amateur and most of the time, it is the scenery that is forgiving 🙂

  2. Hoonie says:

    very well written!!!
    I am striving for a simpler life. for with too many worldly treasures, bring lots of clutter. and lots of waste… *sigh*

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