Project Happy Feet

The 1 week school holiday starts next week and apart from playdates and outing trips, we are hoping to make this holiday a little different for Malcolm and for the children at Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.

We have always wanted to involve Malcolm in some community work and we think that donating money to a community chest is like the smallest thing we can do for charity. The truth is, we have never really felt comfortable with just donating money as we never seem to know how the money is spent, what it is spent on, and whether we have really made anyone’s life better.

Some time after we came back from Paris, we had a brain wave.  We decided to call up the local homes for children to see how we could contribute directly. Our initial plan was actually to get rid of some of Macolml’s old and new toys and get him involved in giving them away.  He has accumulated quite a lot of toys over the years during birthday parties and during seasonal sales when we were in US. We realized that Malcolm is happy with just a few toys and he plays with his same old Lego blocks almost all the time. He just doesn’t need that many toys.

The homes that we called up did not seem interested in toys though. Most of them prefer cash donations and the staff at Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home which has 84 children under their care, replied me with a list of things they need. I was surprised and saddened to find out that their needs were very basic – socks, slippers, canned food and so on.

Although we were not adverse to paying for these items out of our own pockets, it would not meet our main objective of getting Mal involved in giving.  So we convinced Malcolm that we should sell some of his toys and use the money to pay for the items. He agreed.

The items that we are aiming to buy are
6 dozens of white school socks for children age 7-12 years old
3 dozens of white school socks for children age 13-17 years old
1 dozen of size 9 Japanese slippers
1 dozen of size 10 Japanese slippers
1 dozen of size 11 Japanese slippers

In total, we will need around SGD 500 for all these items. I am still waiting for the staff at a local sports store, to get back to me the exact quotations.

Meanwhile, I hope readers will help spread the message for us to sell Malcolm’s toys.

I will be posting Mal’s toys for sale next.  If you are interested in contributing in other ways, please let me know. We are targeting 1 Oct, Children’s Day, as the date where we will deliver the items.  At the end of the day, we will get the items to the home, by hook or by crook, even if it means that we pay for it from our own pockets.

So with this post, we are kick starting Project Happy Feet, aimed at providing the less fortunate children in our community with the socks and slippers they need.  We hope that you will contribute if you can, spread the message, and help us make this a successful project and a meaningful holiday.

Thank you and happy holiday to you and your kids !



  1. Leonny says:

    what a wonderful idea, Rachel!

    I would LOVE to contribute!

    Possible for us to contribute toys to you? If you’re ok with it, I’ll explain the idea to our kids and I’ll get them to choose and give for the less fortunate …

    Let me know ? or email me direct ya … )

    Hope the project goes really well!!

    Rachel : hey leonny, thanks for the support! never really thought of that but now that you ask….have sent you an email on how we may be able to do this 🙂

  2. Angeline says:

    Ok, I’m in.
    But because of my committment to ‘C’, I’ll have to schedule your post till Monday. Can?

    Rachel : hey sure! really appreciate your help 🙂

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