I snapped this picture of him cleaning his Old MacDonald Farm House diligently before heading to bed.
We were supposed to deliver this toy the next day for Project Happy Feet

As I watched him, I realised …

Me, I am just a facilitator
Him, he is the one facing the brunt of parting with his beloved toys

and I know …
I may never be like him

and I am glowing with pride and admiration for my little guy

More toys have been uploaded for Project Happy Feet, do check them out here.

Note : I have received emails from readers and friends who wish to help by contributing their toys. If you plan to do so, please email me, haifangsee [at] gmail [dot] com, so that I can provide you the details on how we can do so. Thank you.



  1. Angeline says:

    you are teaching him the most valuable lesson on earth…
    the power of FULFILLMENT!

    When he sees the smiles when you guys hands the nice socks and gifts to those in need, remind him, that all these were achievable because of him.

    Remember, Mommy… remember…

    Rachel : Noted. thanks for advice 🙂

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