Toy Contributions

It made me really happy to know that there are parents out there who wish to join me inĀ  Project Happy Feet by contributing their toys.

And it doesn’t need to be a long list of toys. It doesn’t even need to be a brand new toy.

All parents need to do is to let the children choose 1 or 2 toys they don’t play anymore, explain to them how they can make someone happy by contributing their toys.

Let them participate in the process of giving, from cleaning the toy to handing over the toys to collecting the money.

Explain to them how the money they received in exchange for their toys can help to improve someone’s life.

If you are interested in joining me in Project Happy Feet by contributing your children’s toys,
I will need you to

– email pictures of the toys to haifangsee[at]gmail[dot]com
– provide the name of the toys and if possible, with description of the item.
– state the price you wish to sell (if you have preference)
– the address for the item to be picked up

I will put up the item at Toys for Happy Feet and will inform interested buyer to contact you directly to arrange the toy to be picked up or delivered.

And I hope that through this, children will learn to treasure what they have more and learn that They Are Happy When They Make Someone Else Happy !

Note : I will be accepting toy contributions till end of this week 20 Sept 2009. We are targeting to deliver the items to the home on 1 Oct Children’s Day



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