Pens Sold Out

And we have SOLD all the pens !
within a couple of days

My initial worries of not being able to sell them
was unfounded

All because we thought that
NOT EVERYONE has an affection for a yellow sea sponge with a toothless grin
Malcolm’s just one of them
It’s his LEAST favourite cartoon character
In fact it FREAKS him out
and IRRITATES him big time
which explains his nonchalence
when he first saw those pens
didn’t impress him even if they were Lego’s creation

But the response has been overwhelming
orders are still coming in
and we have to turn them down

To date, we are nearing the double mark of our initial target
we are at SGD 945

We are getting the 2nd batch of items for the home
which includes table tennis bats, ping pong balls, shuttle cocks and street soccer balls

The fund raising effort will continue till 30 Sept
I am still taking in toys and you can read here if you wish to contribute
Check out our remaining toys for sales



  1. Tin says:

    Really? Don’t know that this is a cartoon character, only thought they are colourful to the kids’ liking, haha!

    But now that you mention, I think I have some impression 🙂

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