Giving Half

Our last doners were, 4 year old plus Rae-Ann and her cousin Roy

Mama Kole emailed me on Wed night saying that the 2 Rs are contributing SGD 24.60 to Project Happy Feet
That’s all they have in their piggy bank.
That’s their EVERYTHING !

and I was inspired to share the story with my 5 year old
which eventually motivates him to part with HIS significant SGD 2.25 !
HALF of his 1 week’s savings
in his new Army Tank Bank !

And I am loving how contagious this spirit of giving has become
And because of your generous giving

We have raised a total of SGD 1047.85 !
We have overshot our initial target by 100 % !

The children from Chen Su Lan Methodlist’s Children Home will be getting these for Children’s Day

6 dozens of white school socks for children age 7-12 years old
3 dozens of white school socks for children age 13-17 years old
1 dozen of size 9 slippers
1 dozen of size 10 slippers
1 dozen of size 11 slippers
3 street soccer balls
6 table tennis bats
6 ping pong balls
2 table tennis net
5 tubes badminton shuttlecocks
100 T-shirts

and a cheque of SGD 58.85

We will be collecting these items later today and delivering them tomorrow morning.
Hopefully will get to take some nice pictures and update soon



  1. nic says:

    thank you for spearheading this project and involving us. 🙂 WELL DONE Rachel and Malcolm!

    Rachel : thanks Nic! wouldn’t be possible without u guys!

  2. Leonny says:

    So glad to have been a part of the project!

    You’ve showed to lots of people out there that being heavily pregnant AND caring for a 5yo child yourself should never be an excuse for not caring and sharing with others in need …

    Rachel : hey leonny, thanks! I wouldn’t have accomplish anything without support from u guys! We did it together

  3. Angeline says:

    *clap clap clap*
    So happy to see that you could start and end it with the ‘threatening-to-give-birth-anytime’ pressure…
    ‘Contagious’ is definitely, THE WORD!!!

    Rachel : thanks angeline! pray hard that the baby will hold there for at least another 2 more weeks!

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