I got a little carried away with the recent buzz and it totally slipped my mind that I am nearing the final stage of my pregnancy.

It is great to keep my mind occupied with things other than aches and pains and the long to-do-list for the arrival of the new baby.

On one hand, I am excited about the new baby, on the other hand there are things I wish to accomplish as I know my focus will soon be very much on the new baby.

I remember how my time revolved round Malcolm when he was little. I was a new mother then, I was inexperience, I was not sure and I panicked at his smallest cries.

I like to think that after 5 years of caring for my first born,  I am more experience, less panicky and more prepared.

It was during the onset of my 34th weeks, a series of sudden Braxton Hicks contractions, it dawned on me that the baby may arrive ANYTIME, perhaps even too early.

I had a sudden urge to pack, to wash, to arrange
It came so naturally and it felt so powerful
I just couldn’t resist the urge

It was my body’s subtle way of telling me to get ready
and I was reminded to listen to my body

The human body has to be the most amazing and beautiful creation



  1. Shirley says:

    that’s pretty exciting! i am sure ur 5 yrs experience of child care will come into good use in time 🙂

    wish u have a smooth delivery!

    Rachel : hi Shirley, thank you for dropping by and leaving your comment. Just hop over to your site and you have the SWEETEST site I’ve ever seen!

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