Hanging Mobile

The truth is that
Malcolm is not really keen to meet his baby brother

His standard answer to
‘Are you happy that you gonna have a baby brother ?’
or question of a similar effect
will yield a straight ‘NO’
‘Because baby will be noisy’

And guess what ?
He is probably right

He does adore my new tummy, A LOT
and would plant kisses all over it whenever given a chance
He is somewhat fascinated
and would ask questions
‘how will the baby come out’
‘how will the doctor do it’

I realised that the biggest task on hand to welcome this little life
is not the stocking up on diapers
the amassing of clothings and toys
the splurging on fanciful gadgets

In fact
these are trivial

We have decided that the new baby will be getting mostly
hand-me-down items from our first born and from friends

The more pressing challenge we are facing now
is to mentally prepare Malcolm for the arrival of his baby brother

We talk to him
We explain to him
We turn to books
illustrating all the fun of having a baby brother

We WANT to feed him with all the good things of being a BIG brother !
We WANT him to LOVE being a BIG brother !

and when he came home from school the other day
and exclaimed that HE MADE THIS in school


We thought we finally see some light at the end of the tunnel



  1. Ann says:

    Oh…haven’t visited you in a while! Baby boy yeah! 🙂

    I am sure when Malcolm sees the baby, he will love him too. He is a sweet and understanding kid!

  2. Angeline says:

    Present for baby!!!

    my elder one didn’t had a chance, cos he was only 1 then. Ok, he gave hugs and salivary kisses… I guess those count too…

    Rachel : hey angeline, those definitely count!

  3. pc says:

    is a perfect gift! and you are doing an awesome job in preparing him.

    will you also prepare a gift for Malcolm? on behalf of the baby brother? i am thinking what to get.

    Rachel : hey pc, yeah we will be doing that…I bet Mal will be thrilled, there are so many things we think he will like to have, so this should be pretty easy 🙂

  4. Ing says:

    This is so sweet! And the mobile is so beautifully done. Seems like Mal is ready to meet his baby brother. 🙂 When our no.2 was born, we prepared a gift for our eldest and told him that it’s a gift from his baby brother. And that kinda gave him a positive ‘interest’ towards the new baby.

  5. Denesa says:

    We tried preparing a gift for my elder boy too upon the arrival of my youngest one. It helped to a certain extent in accepting the brother….cos maybe he felt less left out when his little brother got all his full-month gifts. i also tried letting him talk to his little brother when he was in my tummy.

    Rachel : hi denesa, thanks for sharing, maybe we should do the talking to little brother in the tummy more

  6. Tin says:

    I also tried preparing Xuan for the arrival of Kai during 2nd pregnancy, and she seemed ready for the arrival of her little brother. However, when Kai was born, she was totally a different person. It took some time for her to really accept the fact.

    Having said that, I think Malcom is a real sensible boy, he should be a loving big brother. I think the age gap helps too. 🙂

    Rachel : hey tin, thanks for sharing, yeah I guess we can only prepare him so much…the rest will have to wait till the baby is born to find out

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