A Broken Limb

Life has been a little hectic for the past week
My Dad had an accident
and was warded with a broken limb
the family has been commuting to and fro the hospital each day
worrying about how he can cope

I suffered a broken wrist myself a few years back
and I can’t imagine it happening to an old man
over half a century old
with the depletion of calcium already taking place

Recovery will be an uphill process
perhaps even near impossible
to grow back what that has been lost

He lay in his bed after the surgery
in a state of unconsciousness
an effect from the huge dose of anesthesia
A worn and weary face
even with his eyes shut

Saw him again the next day
the drug had worn off
he looked better
even joked about his recklessness that led him to his plight
the painkiller had done its job well
numbing his pain
thus bringing back a smile on his face

A 2nd round of surgical torment put him in a daze again
zapped off his energy and worn him out
not for long
He seems to be able to sprung back to life
the moment the drug wore off

It is only now
that I see a side of Dad
a side I’ve never seen before

The sheer amount of strength that he possesses
even when pain and wound wreck the body
Strength so immerse that seem capable of peeling off the darkest gloom
and let the ray shines through



  1. Angeline says:

    Its painful to hear this, yet its beautiful to know that through this, your admiration for your dad has increased.
    Get well soon, Uncle!

    Rachel : thank you Angeline!

  2. Ing says:

    Sorry to hear about your dad’s injury. Must hv been difficult for you and your family.

    Hope your dad recovers totally soon. Take care!

    Rachel : thanks ing.

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