I LOVE surprises

As a mum, one of the things that surprises me is whenever my 5 year old runs up to me and blabbers something which you know, can NEVER originate from a 5 year old and makes me goes
‘HUH?! where you learned that from ?!!’

It could be something he heard from the TV, a video clip, a story book or just casual conversation between me and my husband.

He is good at regurgitating what he heard

When our memories fail to provide us the information of some remote events, we can count on him to dig into his mega memory to help retrieve the information.

His good memory comes in pretty handy especially when my husband had long relinquished his, ever since the trauma during history lessons and when mine is currently impaired by the pregnancy hormones.

And because of his ability to regurgitate sentences and words, usually without understanding, once in a while, we were treated to a jaw dropping experience when he blabbers strings of words, totally foreign to us.

Here’s one.

I don’t think there is any thing as less than NOTHING.
How can SOMETHING be less than NOTHING?
If there were SOMETHING that was less than NOTHING
then NOTHING would not be NOTHING
it would be SOMETHING – even though it’s just a very little bit of SOMETHING

He said Wilbur, his favourite pig, from Charlotte’s Web said that

And indeed, the runty pig DID say that.



  1. Grace says:

    That’s such a nice story. But, when I saw that headline, I thought:’Oh no! she’s going to talk about William regurgitating in her car!’ I can NOT say sorry enough for that. I am soooo sorry!!! That was a mortifying experience.

    Rachel : hey grace, your comment made me laugh so hard 😀 Wasn’t thinking of that when I came up with the title but u sure have a point there! Another word to describe what happen that day was ‘merlioning’. I hope poor little william is feeling ok now.

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