I’m A Big Brother Now

We were a little concern about how Malcolm will react to having a little brother around
He was sure that little brother will be noisy as baby cries alot
And to mentally prepare him, we have been trying to feed him all the good things about being a big brother

Beside talking and explaining to him, we turned to books and here are 2 books that we read to him regularly

Big Brother Now: A Story About Me and Our New Baby
I’m a Big Brother (Padded Large Learner)

Either our effort has been paid off or our worries were unfounded
Malcolm’s affection towards his little brother really took us by surprise

He hugs him
He carries him
He cuddles him
He consoles him with his ‘It’s ok, it’s ok’ whenever he cries
And he even consoles me !
‘He is a baby, OF COURSE he will cry!’

It’s such a relief to see him being so receptive towards his baby brother
and we certainly hope it is not because it is still a novelty.

*fingers crossed*



  1. Karen Yee says:

    Congratulations!! Malcolm sure behaves like a big brother from the way he holds his little brother. 🙂

    Rachel : hey karen thanks! and I am quite surprise that he is so eager to hold his baby brother

  2. Leonny says:

    YAY! Baby photos! Congrats once again guys … Malcolm will make a greattt big brother!

    Rachel : yeah! dont we love and miss those baby photos 🙂 the kids grow up too fast

  3. kole says:

    all i can say is

    Both the boys’ smiles bring joy to my gloomy day.

    Rachel : yeah it’s getting gloomy these days with the monsoon. Glad that their smiles could bring a little sunshine to your day 🙂

  4. Ing says:

    Mal is such a sweet and sensitive boy. Those pictures really warm my heart. Enjoy being a mother of 2 and watch the love between the siblings blossom!

  5. Hoonie says:

    Mal sure makes a good big bro! Marcus will be loved! Lots! congrats! I like the way he consoles u! hahahah

    Rachel : thanks hoonie

  6. Tin says:

    Awww…. so sweet. I love the first photo. Marcus looks like Malcolm!! So cute!

    Rachel : thank tin, that is one out of the many shots I took! the only shots with both smiling 🙂

  7. Angeline says:

    Congratulations again!!!
    Mommy, I never had that worry about Mal before you know. Especially following your blog for so long… the words he speak, the thoughts he think, his actions… everything supported him of being an extremely sensible, caring, loving, understanding boy…

    Mommy, you have taught him well….

    Rachel : hey angeline, Malcolm will be glad to read what you wrote about him. Maybe we should meet one of these days for the boys to know each other 🙂

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