Expensive Lesson

He was warned that he needs to be careful

9, 11, 12, 72
His favourite channels
He wasn’t happy that now he needs to fight with grandpa and grandma for the remote control
So instead, he was given permission to watch them on youtube

He never get bored staring at the screen playing black and white scenes
listening to the old folks rambling on with their theories or recounting their glorious days
With his glass of honey drink sitting right next to where his eyes were glued
It was a setup
Accident waiting to happen

A spillage cut off the power light in less than a minute
put the machine to sleep
We tried everything
But nothing works
The 2 year old machine was declared dead

It was almost a reflex losing my cool
not so much because I cannot tolerate accident
more because I took it as a warning unheed
but he was right
It was an accident
And accident can happen anytime and anywhere

As if to help me simmer down
I turned away
grabbed some papers
and asked him to write

With 2 pages of this
He managed to appease his Dad
It was a good reason for Dad to splurge on his dream machine afterall

and as I sit here blogging in front of this new gigantic cutting edge machine
I realise I have my 5 year old to thank

P/s : my old laptop miraculously resurrected after a week of inactivity.
We end up burning a hole in our pocket for nothing



  1. Tin says:

    Xuan spilled water over the old laptop some time ago, and the whole machine went cranky, esp the keyboard. So I bought a small keyboard and attach to it using the usb. And that saves everything, phew!

    Luckily I didn’t send it for repair, which will not be worth it!

  2. Angeline says:

    So NOW you have 2!!
    Oh well, you’ve got a spare now, in case another accident happen.

    I just did the ‘writing punishment’ for Keatkeat last week too, but for a more life-threatening reason.

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