An Unexpected Visitor

We came back from a swim this morning and look what we found crouching outside the bathroom door

A gorgeous looking grasshopper !

Its beautiful coat of bright luminous green with a faint tint of yellow

Never realized how pretty this creepy crawler looks closeup

We suspect he might have hitched a ride on the baby’s stroller when we left it near the pool this morning

Malcolm got really excited especially when I agreed to let him keep this little guy

I cringed while I watched him stroked his little pet

We found him an old longkang fish container

threw in some leafy greens from the fridge

and he is as happy as our new baby

he E.A.T.S

he P.O.O.S

Sadly, we found out that the average life span of an adult grasshopper is only 30 days or less

Let’s hope that there won’t be another beetle episode



  1. Angeline says:

    Only 30 days? I was about to say that your visitor was my visitor too!
    It camouflaged itself on my green towel and peeped at me while I was bathing!
    I couldn’t resist and blog about him too.
    Guess its not the same guy, probably it was his ancestor who came to mine.

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