They Keep Me Busy

It’s easy to neglect this space

when life is as hectic as now

And the more I neglect

the harder it is to return

It’s like losing the momentum

It’s like becoming foreign

It’s like tipping the balance

a balance I consciously hold

But days passed and weeks passed

And there were more that were left out along the way

And I do miss this space

a place where I could connect, retreat, record and reflect

yet,  I have to relinquish

If, and only if,

I could bear to peel myself off them


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  1. Angeline says:

    Yes, I can totally relate to that. You needed that me-time to express your thoughts in words, you needed me-time to just breathe ‘kids-free’ air… yet, the motherly cells in you just find it difficult to stay away from them for long….

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