Joy (Baby’s First Big Milestone)

He twists and he arches

but his left leg got stuck

He kicks and he wriggles

then his right arm got stuck

I held his little leg firmly and led him the way

I tugged his little arm gently and showed him the way

He tries again with a sparkle in his eyes

He struggles again with a twinkle in his eyes

I know

It was fun

Then a few more kicks and a few more push

And just like that


He squeals with delight and flashes his biggest grin

It was so spontaneous and I bet he doesn’t even know what he just did


He was 18 weeks and 1 day old



  1. leeyen says:

    Bravo! Baby Marcus!
    My baby girl is 18 days younger than Marcus and surprisingly she flips over at 15 weeks old! But she doesn’t seem to enjoy it much!

  2. Dawn says:

    Clap…Clap…well done. That also means…Mummy AF, ur days r getting harder n harder…LOL…I miss Samuel when he could jus lay on the bed while I can step away for 1 min…now!!…IMPOSSIBLE

    Rachel : hey dawn, i actually kind of miss those crawling and taking little steps days 🙂

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