Vote For Earth

Two days ago, Malcolm came back from school telling me that he will stop wasting food.
I was surprised to hear this from him and he continued to explain how we would be accumulating rubbish, dirtying the Earth if we were to throw away our food.

Apparently, the school had showed them a video on Earth Hour and he came back with a mind full of questions and information about the Earth.
This is what he has to say

‘Earth is crying
because she is sick
Everybody throws rubbish everywhere
and there is a big hole
because everybody doesn’t take care of her’

Last year this day, we were in Paris and the lights of the Eiffel Tower were switched off for an hour during Earth Hour.
I would say that the French in general are more environmentally conscious.
Much has been incorporated into their daily routines.
Take for example, everyone carries their own reusable bags for grocery shopping.  If you forget to bring yours, tough, you will probably have to carry your grocery by hand or purchase a reusuable bag from the store.

Recycling is also taken quite seriously.  In Paris, there are separate bins for paper, glass, and general rubbish.  Recycling trucks and general garbage trucks come on alternate days of the week.

Building corridor lights are not permanently switched on, unlike in Singapore.  They are either sensor or switch activated, but the light goes off after the expiry of a few minutes.  Imagine the amount of electricity we will save if this was legislated in Singapore and all HDB corridor lights were to be sensor activated.

I am touched each time I watched this video
Touched to see so many people around the world, putting away their differences, working towards a common goal
We may be small, on our own
But together, we can achieve so much more

Today, Malcolm will be wearing his Earth Hour tag out
We will be observing Earth Hour like many others around the world

So, join us, VOTE for EARTH, will you ?

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