Learning Chinese

会 is a funny looking umbrella
大 is a man standing with arms wide open, legs apart
只 is a TV set with 2 legs
头 is someone with 2 bullets on one side of his head
The hieroglyph of 家 is like 4 people squeeze under one roof

Malcolm goes to a Chinese school
The main language spoken in school is Mandarin
He enjoys his 横 竖 撇 捺 more than his A B C D
Each alphabet is like a squirmy worm whose direction often confuse him
Each Chinese character is a funny picture or an interesting illustration

It is interesting how kids learn
and it fascinates me to hear about things he sees and I don’t

We can teach a child what we claim we know
A child with an open and untainted mind
is able to teach us the unknown
only if we let them



  1. --Andy-- says:

    hi Rachel, I love this picture of Malcolm writing “in” the rain, poetry-in-motion. Wait till they surprise u with “???” and “???” haha. Amazing.

  2. --Andy-- says:

    hi Rachel, i like this pic, poetry-in-the-rain. Wait till kid come back with ??? & ??? keke

    Rachel : hey andy…were u trying to key in some chinese characters? somehow it doesn’t show

  3. Hoonie says:

    ha.. my kids learn thru the pictorial way too.. have to kinda describe it with a picture.. guess it’s juz how their brains work.. spatial intelligence 😉

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