Story Behind Malcolm’s Cake

We celebrated Malcolm’s 6th birthday last week
We bought him a cake to bring to school on Friday
I contemplated for a long time before getting one from a nearby bakery
A 2kg chocolate cake with loads of cream
A simple rectangular one which would probably cost less than 1/2 the price, if not for the digital print of his favourite heroic autobots on it

I managed to bake some mini chocolate chip cupcakes, wrapped them in nice cellophane bags and tagged each with a little thank you note
Lovely, yummilicious treats for his little friends in school

Because the little treats tasted so good
I decided to make a bigger version of it for his birthday party that weekend
He wanted something from Lord of the Ring, something that no known bakery in my knowledge makes

I was clueless, yet I agreed to bake him the evil tower

Lesson No. 1 – Never speak too soon or you disappoint a child what you can’t deliver

What followed next was many sleepless nights which gave me a few more strands of white hair
After many nights of researching I finally had a glimpse of how the cake should look like, BUT only in my head

I couldn’t afford the luxury of time to have a test bake
but I knew it had to be a 3 tier cake that would somehow transform to what he wanted
and all these had to be done on the day itself as I wasn’t sure how long the cake will last in this hot and humid weather
I was very excited
I have never baked a cake for such a big group and I wasn’t sure how everything will turn out

Lesson No. 2 – Never assume that anything mini can be morphed into something full scale

The day came, the first batch of cake came out just after midnight
It was beautifully baked
I was tired but relieved

I proceeded with the mixing of the second batch
Just before shoving it into the oven, I realized that the colour wasn’t quite right
Truth be told,  I had forgotten the SUGAR!
I thought by adding the sugar in the correct amount but in an incorrect sequence would be good enough to salvage the night
I was wrong

It took me more than twice as long to finally bake the 2nd batch
The inside of the cake just refused to dry
I knew something was wrong, I could have measured the ingredient wrongly

Lesson No. 3 – Never attempt to do Math in the wee hours of the morning when you are comatose

I couldn’t afford to go for another bake, it was past 2 in the morning
I decided to make do with what I had

The lower layer which was from the first bake tasted ok but the top layers which were from the 2nd batch tasted funny
With loads of fudgy chocolate and some dressing up, the flaws were concealed
We ended up with a cake that looked ‘dark’ enough to pass off as the dark tower
At least my son could tell what it was supposed to be
I couldn’t expect more

We couldn’t finish the cake but the kids were happy to eat what was served with lots of their favourite chocolaty snacks on it

Lesson 4 – If you ever end up with a bake that is less than perfect, go generous with the edible accessories

You can’t judge a cake by its look but with enough packaging and accessories you may be lucky enough to fool the taste bud

And with that, we celebrated Malcolm’s 6th birthday
Despite the heat and a not so perfect cake, we all had fun

Here’s a BIG THANK YOU to our friends who came to the party and celebrated the day with us. I am sure Malcolm will remember this day for a long long time


  1. sunflower says:

    It was Nic, then you. I am inspired to bake a cake for Yvette again.

    Heee… but this post came a bit late as I ready ordered a cake for her second birthday. But then again, you did a good job and I like this cake very much… next time keep some for me! 😛

    Rachel : hey shirley, I guess u must be very busy and excited preparing for Yvette’s coming birthday…have fun !

  2. Tin says:

    Wow, you put in such tremendous effort to bake that cake, which goes to show how much you love your child.

    Happy Birthday Malcom!

    Rachel : hey thanks Tin!

  3. Janet says:

    I am always impressed and touched by all the efforts u put in for your kid! u really put in the extra mile! I really so tiny compare to u… :-Z

    Happy Birthday Malcom! U are sure one lucky boy! ^-^

  4. HN says:

    Your boy will be so touched when he sees this post years later! Look at the efforts that you put in .. all these were made with so much love! :)Bravo mummy and Happy Birthday to Malcom too!!! Stay happy and healthy forever lucky boy!

    Rachel : hey thanks HN

  5. leeyen says:

    Happy b/day to Malcom! I guess it must not be easy to bake this cake with Marcus around!

    Rachel : hey leeyen, yeah it was tough and I was so tempted to just go get one from the bakery when I saw how the 2nd batch turned out

  6. Vicky says:

    Happy Birthday Malcolm!!
    A mommy’s love for his child is immeasureable!! Tin’s words said it all…..

    Rachel : hey vicky! do I still owe u some information on Paris? How’s the planning of the trip coming along?

  7. Leonny says:

    Hwaaa … cake looks yummy! it’s the effort and LOVE that counts 😀

    Happy belated birthday to Malcolm … 😀

    He sure is blessed to have parents like you guys!

    Rachel : hey thanks Leonny! looks can be deceiving hehe but at least I score some points for the ‘looks’ here 🙂 and I am very impressed by how well you decorated Anya’s cake too!

  8. kole says:

    ps. share with you one of my fav ‘cake’ website…they have LOTR cakes 🙂

    Rachel : hey kole, thank you so much for the link. The LOTR cake looks SOOO good! They look too real to be cakes.
    I almost wanted to make Minas Tirith. I thought a layer of white cream would somehow do the trick of transforming the cake into Minas Tirith. I am glad I only get to see the website now, else I will never have the courage to try 😉

  9. Rach says:

    your effort is priceless!

    I’ll keep in mind the reminders you shared. For I want to give a go to bake one. =)

    Rachel : hey rach, the cake will probably turn out better if I have more practice and planning. Good luck to u 🙂

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